Monday, March 9, 2009

What A Wonderful Weekend!

I went on a trip over the weekend to visit my aunt in Gaffney, SC. I took some of the family with me. My little brother tagged along, which was great because he usually does not want to hangout with me, he is a teenager. We went to church with my aunt. I really had to fight the devil that morning because I just wanted to sleep, but I got up. I got my brother to go with us. We had an awesome worship, and my brother accepted the Lord into his heart! How wonderful!!! 


  1. HEY JESSICA...this is Marshall from North Point (the worship leader dude lol). Man last weekend was soooo AWESOME. I'm so glad ya'll could come. Wish ya'll could be here this sunday...having a baptism wish Jason could be here for that. Cause we are emphasizing on the "PAR" and the "Tay" lol. By the way, tell Jason I said what's up.

    So Susan told me about your blog and...your pictures are AMAZING...God's really blessed you with something next time I need pic's for something i'll let ya know ;-)I really like the one of Aubrey and the one of the little girl with the guitar...that is cool.

    Hey I know there is not much your way kinda like northpoint so i'm calling some of my connections to see if we can find something close by to ya'll...cause it makes a huge difference i know.

    Hey if you are Jason ever need anything...

    call or txt...864-490-6229 or

    or facebook me

    By the way i have a blog too...kinda do one devotional a week and put my set lists up from church it is...

    Anyways...this is way too long for some random guy that really doesn't know you lol
    Hope you have a great wkend and you and Jason keep in touch.


  2. I HATE that I wasn't there! Marshall makes a good point . . . girl, you need to get on facebook!

  3. Jessica,
    I just wanted to pass on my love, and to tell you I am so proud of you. That trip was meant to be. Your mother is looking down on you with a smile, knowing that all will be well. Your strength is an inspiration to us all. I am so proud of Jason too. Those steps he took toward Crist were the steps of a man. I love you very much.

    Uncle Jeff